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Light Box from Dbmier

I was given the opportunity to use and review the A4S Tattoo Supplies EXTREME Thin Artcraft Tracing LED Light Pad from Dbmier. 

The only experience I’ve had with a light box was a thick, table-sized model from high school that I utilized once or twice so I never considered the possibility of owning one. As such, I rarely considered tracing as a viable option for my artwork, and the few times it was necessary the process was tedious and difficult without the assistance of additional backlighting.

Obtaining this light box has me considering new options for my art. Previously I was forced to perform every step with one sheet of paper: sketching, inking, coloring, and details such as text or borders. This caused constant stress as I worried about stray pencil lines, ink blots, or any number of errors that could force awkward corrections or even having to rework the entire picture.

The light box, with its ease of use and sleek design, eliminated a lot of that stress by allowing me to work in layers with traditional media. Tracing allows me to keep the original pencil sketch and ink layers separate allowing for cleaner line art, reduced chance of ink smudging, and the original sketch for future use. This light box is also bright enough to illuminate several pages meaning I can work with layers for sketches, inking, colors, and text.

My primary use of the light box has been for tracing drawings but I am eager to test it with other applications. I enjoy using text in my artwork and being able to trace certain fonts allows for excellent practice and an easy way to work on labels and word art. I also foresee other uses for the light box such as tracing chess strategies, shirt designs, and diagrams.

- Easy to use. Simply plug it in and tap the power button until you reach the desired brightness. The included instruction booklet also outlines how to use the product as well as its specifications.
- Lightweight and thin. Easy to move and adjust while drawling and suitable to use on any flat surface.
- Three levels of brightness to choose from that work well with a variety of paper weights and layers.
- Grips on the bottom of the light box ensure it won’t shift around during use.
- Vertical and horizontal rulers included for easy measurement and alignment.
- Secure packaging ensured safe delivery with no damage to the product and covered by a protective film to reduce scratches and smudges on its surface.
- Included USB power cord is long enough to use without too much hassle or adjustment between the power source and the light box.

- Does require use of the included USB cord for power. May inconvenience users without easy access to a computer or wall adapter with USB compatibility.
- Can become warm during extensive use but never enough to discomfort or burn the user.

Overall I am very satisfied with the Dbmier light box and recommend it to anyone for artistic and/or casual use.

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12:14 pm
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